When creating a new item in a filtered view, automatically set filter values

The problem is that if I have set some filters and then create a new item in the board, and I don’t set the appropriate values in the filter column, then the new item disappears.

The natural behavior, which we can also see in other platforms such as Notion, is that if something is created in a filtered view, then the filter columns are automatically filled with the appropriate values so that the item doesn’t disappear.

Any workaround for this right now?

Having the same issue. Perhaps a longer grace period on the filtering being applied? We’re finding team members making loads of dupes because they can’t finish filling out the columns for a pulse quick enough - the only solution is to suggest they write pulses with the main table view applied which is cumbersome at best. Auto-applying a filters parameters would definitely give users a chance to edit the pulse without it being nabbed by the filter!

Looking at things, we have the facility to set default values for newly created items. A possible solution could be to add the 'me (dynamic) to the assignee - therefore if you filter by assignee it would always stay for them?

This needs more action! If I’m adding items in a certain view context, 99% of the time I want the column properties to be filled out to comply with my filter.

Wanted to bump this, because coming from Notion, which implements this seamlessly, having the items just disappear from my dashboard in filtered view is just not helpful at all.

Any news regarding this request as it makes a lot of sense that adding new item from a filtered view should be considered as accepting the filters as default value.


Big plus one on this request! Working in Notion for my private notes I simply assumed this would be the default behaviour.

Use case: we use Monday boards to track open issues and questions that different workgroups need to work on. Ideally we would create a View for each workgroup that shows all open action items and questions (these are all different groups) that are relevant for that workgroup. When they add a new question, it should automatically have the relevant label applied based on the current filters from the View.

I haven’t found a good workaround with Automations yet :slightly_frowning_face:

If someone did find a workable solution please let me know!

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When working in a filtered view and adding a task, the task is filtered out too quickly, resulting in having to click “bring it back” every single time. I would rather have the ability to group by column, but until that comes back, I frequently work in filtered views and it is really frustrating to have to click “bring it back” every time I add an item/pulse/task. Can there be a little bit of a delay before a new item is filtered out giving time to completely enter in all the information or some other solution to this?

This (feature request) should be standard/expected behavior. Allow new Groups to also appear under filtered views.

Agreed. this would make creating new item more natural

How is this not default behaviour?? Can this get boosted up. Filtered views are kinda useless without this.

bumping this thread up, that would make things much more intuitive and user-friendly.