Set a filtered view for "Me", and set this view as default, so team members are always filtered to themselves

It would be super helpful for us board admins to be able to creative a saved filter for “Me”, instead of a specific person, and save that view as the default view.

I’d love to be able to have a team member auto-filtered based on the default view, instead of having to create and save different views for each team member.

Does this make sense? Perhaps this already exists.

That’s a great idea!

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I love this idea, will be very useful.

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@zach1 @JCorrell @OmerZ

Hi all,
You can use 1View app to solve this issue.
Watch this demo to see how it works and with just 2 clicks you can add it to your monday account easily.
You can use the “Me” option to solve this issue when creating filters. Read more about 1view from here.

1View is still in its early stages and send your suggestions, feature requests and bug reports to

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Hey Zach, thanks fo this great input! We actually released it in the new filter!

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That new filter view is fabulous!! Just enabled it on one of our boards and eliminated 3-5 quasi-duplicates. Love the constant innovation!

Thank you for sharing @danaaviv

Thank you so much! This is fantastic. We have several “assignee” columns. Do you have a timeline for when the ‘or’ functionality will be available?

I don’t see this in my view? I see the other new features in the toolbar (item default, conditional coloring) but can’t see this dynamic option. Is there somewhere that it needs to be activated in? Am I looking in the wrong spot?

You have to turn on the “Board filter v2” feature in monday labs.

You need to look in the filter, as the screenshot I have attached

Any idea when the ‘or’ function will be available? We need to be able to do all of our person columns, or this feature is not much use to us. Thank you!

I cannot give an exact ETA but I can tell you we are aware of this need and doing everything we can :pray:t2::pray:t2:

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