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Why are the saved views across the entire account as opposed to per person? We each have our own set of filters that we want to use but the fact that we need to share them makes for a really long list and we are a small team. Is this in the plan to be fixed?


Good point, tara! A distinction between personal and shared views would be quite helpful.

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There also seem to be some technical issues with the new design that was just added. Adding a new saved table was not a good user experience, I had to create like 3 of them before I figured out what was going on. This really needs to be worked on., was kind of disappointed in the roll out of this new design in terms of the functionality and user experience.

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Talking filters:
On the mobile app, Search and Filter icons have disappeared (although I got them few days ago).
Having the search and some filters on mobile is pretty usefull on large boards.

Hi @tara, are you referring to the link in the upper left corner of a board’s filter box to either “save as new view” (when the main table is selected) or “save to this view” (in other cases)?

It seems that you can only create views off of the main table and not base them on previously created views. For me that is not a ‘limiting’ limitation, but in terms of user experience it may be strange that sometimes you can create new views from the filterbox and sometimes you can’t.

Hi @bart
When you click on these buttons. This was a recent update regarding the layout but its not clear what is going on.

Hi @tara, thank you for clarifying! I was referring to another method for creating views, see attached screen shots. This works quite well, but when a view is active (see “Live websites” example) I would like to have a choice of saving selection settings to the current view or create a new view. This is no big deal however, and I’m happy with the functionality that the views bring. Monday%20-%20filters%20-%20save%20to%20new%20view Monday%20-%20filters%20-%20save%20to%20this%20view

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Hi Bart,
I did not even realize this was there. I guess there are 2 ways to do it now. But I have a major problem with this as well. Once you click save, where do you enter the name of what the view is? How do you know it was created? As far as I see, you need to then go to to this part of the screen and somehow know that it is called table and then rename it. This is not great at all as there is no prompt to let you know the new view was created or in that moment allowing you to rename it…


Hi Tara, I agree. The user experience of creating a view needs improvement. Indeed, what’s missing is a prompt that confirms the action and allows you to name the new view or select an existing view to be updated.

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views are great feature, but I’m missing one small thing - ability to set view as default for board.

We have main board with a lot of columns and completed tasks, so I created nice simplified view, which can be used for 98% of the time, so if there was option to set this view as default board view (globally for that board, for all users), that would be very useful.

In the future - broadcast specified view?


Hi @KamilMark,

I think you might have discovered this already but in case you haven’t, we do have the ability to set filtered views (which are not the usual table view) as the default for when you return to a particular board. You can do that by saving the filter you create using the “Save to this view” button on the top left corner below:

If you exit the board you should see the selected saved filter view upon return.
At the moment, these saved filtered views are personal. Of course, everyone will see the view when going to the board but they’d have to create their own saved filtered view. That’s the workaround I’d suggest for now!

I’ll send feedback to the team working on this feature about having the ability to create saved filtered views for anyone who can see a board.

Saving a filter and then broadcasting the board already works :slight_smile: try it now?

Hi Julia,

Is it possible to have “views” in the mobile app as well.
Currently the mobile view only to me shows all the data and my users want simplicity.

We use as a CRM and have about 2000 (potential) customers that we are approaching, however we have created a view in the browser version for about 80-90 (potential) customers to focus the sales force and management. And over time customers move from one bucket to the other.

Thank you,

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@RalphBeentjes thanks for the follow up and apologies for not responding earlier.

Right now we don’t have views in the mobile app. It’s on the roadmap for mobile and the views are supposed to be developed in the upcoming 2 months. The saved views will follow early next year. It’s very vague right now and we don’t want to commit to specific timelines for these features but just know they are being planned!

Does that help?, this helps indeed. The views will help already, so thank you! Two more months (ish) is manageable.

Thank you, Ralph - are you saying that all the set-up I’ve done to create boards with various views will not work for other users?!!

This is tragic and may have just set our full implementation completely off course for this application. Please say this isn’t so. If it is true, please say when monday will allow us to set board views for other users.

Thank You!

I personally need it to be saved across my organization and have less use for personal views.

Saved views will be for everyone in the account but the issue was about the mobile app. Right now, we don’t support the views in the mobile app.

As explained, it’s on the roadmap! Does that clarify things @straister:slight_smile:

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Perfect. Thanks – sorry for the mis-understanding!