Personalized view per account

Is there a way to save a view as my main but for anyone else who accesses the board it will remain as it was when it was created.

In addition, is there a way to save a filtered view that only I need without it saving for everyone who accesses the board. So it will only be on my account and now for the entire group.

Hey Laketa,

At this time, save sorts or filters will save to a new view and not to the main table. I apologise for the setback here :pray: That being said, we currently working on a new feature called, locked views - this will allow users to lock views that they have created. The lock of the views means that users without permissions won’t be able to save the following actions:

  • Change filters
  • Sort column/items
  • Conditional coloring
  • Delete the view

Does this sound like it will help you for both queries?

It is something I can use just not for this particular dilemma.