VIEWS : Permissions for the SAVE TO VIEW option

We use views quite extensively, and they are great… apart from when you have numerous users working on the board and they dont understand that if they filter and press SAVE TO VIEW, it impacts everyone…

… Monday dev team… PLEASE can to EACH VIEW and OPTIONS PAGE just like we have with each board. If you can then add an option for “Only BOARD OWNERS can SAVE TO VIEW” or “Members of THIS TEAM can SAVE TO VIEW”…

This would mean the default FILTER/PERSON/SORT/GROUPS can be set by Owners, end users can still use the filters etc, but the SAVE TO VIEW and CLEAR FILTER buttons should be greyed out or not available to stop them accidentally changing the view.

PLEASE this would make views much more manageable in enterprise environments,

YES YES YES!!! I cannot agree more to this post. I am having huge issues with team members hitting “save to this view” and messing up filter that were set. Please upvote this topic so it gets Monday’s attention.

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This is a significant issue for our team as well - we have multiple departments working within single boards and when one person accidentally clicks SAVE TO VIEW it causes significant delays in processes.

There is good news… I have been told that View permissions are likely to launched soon :slight_smile: