Feature Request: Visibility Permissions on "Board Views"

Wish there was a permission setting where you can only allow users to see the board views you want them to see. Similar to the setting they have for only being able to see items you are assigned to, but taken further so that it only shows you the filtered views and columns hidden for the specific department if you have multiple departments using a board.

Think this would be a very helpful tool so that people see only the applicable information they need to see in the format they need to see without having to scroll through the filters. This would also help if you have someone who is not very technologically savvy, or still learning the in’s and out’s of mondays.

Very useful feature.
My use case arises when I create a form. I don’t want the form to be visible to all board members. If I set the board’s permissions to ‘only edit items or subitems that users are assigned to,’ no one except the board owner can create a new item.

However, if I create a form, it would still be accessible to anyone, allowing them to create a new item using the form. If there were board view permissions available, I would be able to restrict access, allowing only specific users to view and create new items using the form.

I would like a way to be able to hide views of a board, based on permissions.

Hey @Soroh,

Is this existing feature request along the lines of what you’re requesting? :pray:

It’s similar, I guess the requests can be merged.

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