Saved Board Views

Just wondering if there is a way to hide saved board views from other users.


This would be great. If each user creates their own views, there is a ridiculous number of views for everyone. Would love the ability to create “private” views

Hey @dmenaker @BenH7778

At this time there is not a way to create private views. By default as you create view they won’t be visible unless a team members has the direct link or searches it:


Do both of you have multiple views that now you need to manage these views?

I don’t think this is the case. I just created a new view and checked someone else and they can see it in the views list without searching.

Hi there, yes we have multiple team members who create multiple views for their personal use. These get populated for ever owner of the board and creates a long messy list.


Don’t think this is available. Would love to see a possibility to hide views for specific users and the ability to set a default view (other then the main table view).

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I’ll submit this request to our Product team to see if we can add that as a permission or clearer way to manage them.

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Thinking more about this, it would be great to have an admin tool called View Manager. A related issue we have is our current setup has three boards, each with a different work group, then we have this twice (one for fiscal 20 and one for fiscal 21) for a total of six boards. We want all six boards to have the same views, and a slight change in one requires making that change over the other five boards, this can be quite painstaking. Having a View Manager tool to broadcast changes across multiple boards would be great. If the columns in the other boards don’t match, just kick it out as an error. We are still early in setting everything up, so hopefully we won’t have as many issues like this moving forward. Thanks!