Can we restrict members from seeing view?

We have boards with multiple views for different functions. Can we restrict views to certain people similar to how we can do this on the column level?


I also need this for team members who i dont want to see certain information. I dont think its possible. The easy way to implement this would be for a board owner to have the ability to “grey out” the Hide/unhide function after creating the customised view.

Our users get confused when they accidentally access the wrong view.

I submitted a similar request to my CSM a year ago. We have extra columns on the Main Table view that we use to support our process.

This board also has ~250 user across ~15 teams. Each team would benefit from having a singular team view to help them more efficiently navigate the board & process. No matter how many times we suggest they save the team view as a favorite in the app & on their web browser, they continually find a way to get to the wrong view.