Customizable Board "Table" Views

I would like to be able to build customized “Table” views where only selected columns/group show.

I have two uses for this:
We are a consulting firm, and use a “Master Board” of all our projects to track billed hours and revenue.

  • I enter hours manually. I enter the hours both as total project hours and for each person on the project. Because our boards are large, this forces a lot of scrolling back and forth between data entry columns that logically need to sit at different points on the board. I can work around this by collapsing unnecessary columns, but I have to redo this every time I navigate away. A pre-set view that removes/collapses selected columns would save me a lot of time.

  • I often screen share these “Master Boards” on internal firm calls where not all participants need to see the revenue portion. Their permissions are restricted to not see those columns from their own login, but when I am screen sharing and switching between multiple boards, there’s no way to hide those columns easily. A pre-set view that eliminates selected columns would be really helpful in keeping revenue visible to only relevant company personnel.

You can certainly save a table view where you hide columns and groups before you save the view. In you board look for the “New Item” button on the top. With the icon buttons to the right of these image you can select which columns you want to view and filter which groups you want to view. You can save that view with “Save as new view”.
Have fun :slight_smile: