Main Table View, and the possibility to hide

Hello all, and hope your are all doing great.
In case this question has been raised earlier, I apologise

If I am not mistaken or misinformed, the Main Table View will contain every Column created in a board. If you try to hide a column, the option you get is to create a new view …

We (and I am sure this applies to more than us) have stuff in the Main Table view that we don’t want normal users to see.

Can we make the Main Table View unelectable for normal users, or hidden for normal users ?
It would sure make our project easier to implement.

Any fix or thoughts ?

Kind regards Nils

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I am trying to do the exact same thing. The permissions available don’t really cover this area. You can either have a board viewable by anyone or only viewable to subscribers. We have a project board that has lots of potential project ideas that we don’t need the whole team to see until the are officially kicked off. So I would like to just share a particular View, or be able to hide a particular group of item. Either way would work for our needs.

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