Lock Filtered Board Views to prevent people from deleting/overwriting a view

working on building a handful of saved views for our super board to help narrow down a couple specific workflows.

pro: views are saved across our organization so we can set up a couple workflows that should work for everyone.
con: it is way too easy for someone to add/remove a filter and overwrite the saved view for everyone else.

is there a way to lock down a saved view for the team on a specific board so they can add filters for themselves (ie search for themselves to see what is assigned to them) but won’t wreck the saved view for everyone else?


Agreed. I do exactly that myself if I’m not fully concentrating on what I’m doing.


+1. We want both group-level views (everyone’s projects) and person-specific views (my projects filtered from the team board) on our projects board. Only admins should be able to change the group-level views. For person-specific views, ideally only admins and specific users can see/change them.

An alternative that I have used on other platforms is a variable in the view/report that represents the current user. For example, this would filter a person column for the current logged in user. That way a single view gives everyone their own list of rows.


Need a way to lock board views and prevent users from creating some.


And even worst prevent users deleting views. An external user can delete a view.


Hey @uubee ~ Welcome to the Community! :wave:

While we do not currently have the capability of “locking” a board view’s filters, I am going to pass your thoughts to our product team and bring this thread to their attention so future support can also be taken into account.

They take user feedback very seriously! In fact, many of our features began as user requests :slight_smile:

I hope this helps! Remember to mark as solved if this answers your question.


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This is severely needed. Have had multiple team members delete our views and put us behind the 8 ball.

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We are another company, completely new on Monday and are looking for this feature severely. We need a way to prevent normal users from seeing all information, only admins and managers should have access to!!

This is needed! Any plans to implement it?

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This is such an obvious need. Most employees don’t know what the heck they’re doing. the point of views is that we can tailor what they see to be only what they need to see - nothing less/more. If they screw it up - especially the tech-illiterate ones - they screw up everyone’s workflow.

Absolutely must have feature. Dashboards that are configurable by all users are more or less useless for our company.

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