Permissions control for Board Views

Many of our project boards are client facing because we need the client approval at various stages. My feature request would be the ability to control who can see various board views. I would like to be able to hide columns in a view that need to remain internal, and invite the client to a specific tailored view. This also keeps things less distracting and confusing for them. (Other use cases: Cleaner views for different team members within a project.) Anyone else think having permission based views of a board would be helpful? :slight_smile:

Hi Nancy,

Have you played around with the share functionnality on a view? That could answer the need for the client facing part.


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Thank you Marc! I have not played with the Share functionality on a view yet. My first go at it just now wasn’t entirely fruitful. I was able to isolate the view but the view is shared in a non-interactive format. This limits the client from being able to approve items and leave notes as needed. Thanks for the suggestion and I will keep looking at some options, maybe I haven’t found a workaround that already exists. Will keep looking into your suggestion. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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The solution I believe you are looking for lays in inviting guests to the board.

Once you have invited them into the shareable board, you can select board permissions and select the second option as shown in the image below:

You can also hide columns in the board so that the client can only see what you want them to see.

Here is how you can share with guests, that do not take up seats to your account (free).

Here is a further explanation of guests for your reference.

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