Sharing board with Guest

I have all my jobs with various client on 1 board and broken into different task.
How can i share board so they can view only their items

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If you’re using our Enterprise plan, you can use the Item Viewing Permissions to set your permissions on an item level. This means you can select which items each user should be able to see and / or edit on a board.

If you’re not using the Enterprise plan, I’d recommend creating different boards for each of your clients.
You can make these boards Shareable boards and then add the client as a Guest.
This means that they will only have access to the specific boards you have added them to, so they will not be able to see any other clients boards.
You can read more on this here:
What are Shareable Boards?
How do I share projects and tasks with guests?

You can then combine all of the Client boards into one central view using a Dashboard and a Table widget.
This will allow you to have an overview of all of the client boards without needing to jump between them.
You can read more about this below:
The Dashboards
The Table Widget

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