Restrict Guest from viewing tasks - item view permissions

We have a project management board.

We have our customer set as a guest, yet we do not want the guest to view tasks which he is not the owner (but allow the other members (not guests) to see all tasks.

How can we set it


Hey @Shaylo1,

Thanks for posting! At the moment it’s not possible to restrict who can view what at an item/task level. What would you think about reorganizing so that there is a board per guest, or sharing a filtered view of the board with the guest via URL?

Then the guest would only see his own tasks.

Hi @Shaylo1 - Item permissions have been mentioned a few times here in the community as coming soon, however, rumor has it that they may only be available for Enterprise accounts. So unless you are Enterprise you’ll probably need to find an acceptable workaround.

Do you just need to hide some internal tasks from all Guests? We have set up internal only main boards for each client, and then we use Link-to-Item columns and mirrored statues to connect those internal items to the Shared board with Guests. Because Guests can’t access main boards, they don’t even see the Link-to-Item column or Mirrored columns we use for internal tasks. It’s completely hidden from them.

Would something like that help you? I could do a short video walkthrough of our setup if you like.

Thanks for the replay.
but setting a view per guest or group of guest is tedious work.
in addition for project management you always have the task creator as well as the owner.
in the above case, the guest can be the creator and afterwards it would be assigned to someone in the team, but you would still want the Creator to view the task.
So permission on the task level is mandatory !

That’s a very nice and useful workaround.
But i would expect from a platform like Monday to cover this issue.
when you are running few projects, i might consider it, but when you are running dozens of projects, it only make the solution more complicated.

Hey @Shaylo1, good point—I hear you!

I just wanted to let you know that we are coming out with an alpha release for item-level view permissions sometime in the next few weeks. If you’d like to be considered for the alpha list, please feel free to write to us at! I do want to note you would have to be part of an Enterprise plan in order to access this feature.

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It is possible already to set permissions for item-level? I want to share a board for our partners but I don`t like they can see each other.
Thank You

hi, when will this be released?

Hey @Shaylo1 @andresTaruga and @mbradley :wave:

As mentioned, we do now have an item-level permission ability that is still in it’s testing phase!

The item viewing restrictions feature is currently in the Beta phase of testing and is available only on the Enterprise plan only. If you are an admin of an Enterprise plan and you’d like to have this feature added to your account, please reach out to our team by using our contact form.

Check out this article for more details: Item Viewing Permissions

I hope this helps! Remember to mark as solved if this answers your question :slight_smile: