Hide specific tasks from users - Item Level Permissions

If I want a user to have access to only specific tasks in a project, can I then add them to each of these tasks individually (as opposed to the entire project)? So if I have a group with 10 tasks and I only add the user to 8 of these, the remaining 2 tasks is not visible to the user?

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At this moment it is not possible to hide items for specific users. There is a new feature in the making which is called “item level permissions”. This is exactly doing what you want. Hide items for users that are not part of any people column. More info here: Restrict Guest from viewing tasks - #4 by Shaylo1

I believe this is Enterprise version only.

Hi, @SimonK - Welcome to the community. There is a second thread about this topic also here: Limiting permissions of external guests - #12 by r.sironneau

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