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hoping someone can help me. I am trying to create a tasks board where users can only see items that are assigned to them. Since we have a PRO plan we can not use the board permissions.

I have a work around for most things and I’ve almost got the solution. My problem is I have sales team members who should not see each other’s tasks (so I created them separate boards) but then there will be occasion where they will assign each other tasks for some reason and for this it does not fit the model I am using and I can’t think of a solution.

I hope that makes some sense and that someone can help me…


Hi @Donna :wave:

I wonder if you could set up an automation to notify you whenever another team member is assigned to a task? This would then allow you to review it and move it to the relevant persons board.
You could use the following automation:

This would notify you whenever a new person is assigned to the Person column, which would allow you to then manually review it and move it to the correct board.

Alternatively, perhaps you could add a Column permission, so that only yourself or specific team members can change the Person column.
You can read more on this here: How to Create Column Permissions

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Hi @Donna - @Dani has a great option here as hiding individual rows based on the people column is only available on Enterprise licensing.

A quick question, do you not want users to have the ability to see others tasks at all or is it you would just like them to default to thier own tasks?

If the latter is the case you can utilize the My Work view or within the board with your tasks setup a default view of “My Tasks” by setting a dynamic filter on the people column.

Hope this helps!

@mark.anley & @Dani


Thanks for your answers. I need them to not see each others tasks!
Currently I’m thinking that using a high-level board as an input, using an automation to “duplicate to their board” and then mirror updates; then not allowing them access to the high-level board. This would allow HQ to add comments and discuss.

But doing this leaves me with the fact that they can’t send in a task for each other and comment.

If you are mentioned in a comment in the updates section, do you need access to the board to see what has been said?

Hi @Donna - the issue with that approach is the tasks will not stay in sync when duplicated (change made on one task in the high-level board will not be reflected in the lower level board). Also updates cannot be mirrored between boards (maybe I am misunderstanding).

If someone is tagged in a private board that they are not subscribed they cannot be notified.


Another option would be to check out the vLookup app to see if that can solve your issues (paid app)?

If visibility is the main issue, the best way to make this work is via Item View Permissions, however this is only available on the Enterprise licensing plan. This way you can have a single board and define who can see what at the row level.

If you are ever interested in learning more of the benefits of Enterprise and to see if it is a good fit, feel free to reach out to me any time.


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Hi @Donna

Thanks for your reply!

In this case, I’d recommend taking a look at @mark.anley’s latest post on this thread, as there are some great additional options here!

Let us know if these could work for you :smiley:



The best way to control view permissions is with Enterprise. Even small companies with only 15 or 20 users in monday․com can save hours of time each week by building and managing their boards more efficiently using Enterprise Item Permissions. If anyone reading this thread would like a personal tour and no-obligation demo of Enterprise features to see if it’s right for you, feel free to book a time with me using the link below.

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Hi @Donna :wave:

It looks like both @mark.anley and @PolishedGeek have given some great tips on this!

While you can always try workarounds like Mark mentioned here, there are indeed certain internal limitations such as The Updates Section not being supported in mirroring.

With that in mind, you are free to have your account Admin contact PolishedGeek for a consultation or reach out to for more information on the Enterprise plan :slight_smile:

I hope this helps!


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