Share a View that’s assigned to a Person

As a Manager I can see all the production and design workflow all in one board and which sales person is responsible for the tasks and can see what work is coming in and what’s still busy on and what’s finished. I created a board and added all my workers on it and I populate which job is who’s. I now want to share only their work with them and they can edit and make changes which I can see.

So now I can filter the tasks by person and view all the work that this sales person has all in one view.

How do I share this persons view only with them and not any of the other peoples work as the others has their own sales figures which no one else must see.

Hey @vash, thanks for posting, and welcome to the community!

At the moment we have item-level permissions like this available in alpha to certain Enterprise accounts. Other plan levels will not have this functionality.

What would you think of making individual boards for these sales people, or using column permissions to hide important columns from all of them?