Restrict Viewing Individual Rows in a Board

I want to know if I can restrict a row in a Monday board to being viewed by those people in a People column in the row.

For example, I have a board with 100 rows representing 100 of our customers. We have 20 Customer Service Managers who each have responsibility for a number of these customers. I want them to be able to see only their customers. If the Manager is responsible for 7 customers, they would see 7 rows and not the others. The view criteria would be the People column.

Hi @Terry

Welcome to the community. This feature is available for Enterprise accounts, exactly as you describe it.

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@Terry I have recently moved to an enterprise level with Monday and this feature is really easy to set up.

In the board permission settings with enterprise you would have two areas:

  1. View permissions
    Option 1 - Users can view all
    Option 2 - Users can only view what they have created or have been assigned to in the people column

  2. Edit Permissions (these depend on what they can view from settings above)
    Option 1 - Edit Everything - can add and delete anything
    Option 2 - Edit Content - can’t touch groups or columns but can edit everything else
    Option 3 - Edit content, cannot edit columns or groups, only in items assigned to them in the people columns you determine (if you have multiple people columns you can select just one or multiple)
    Option 4 - Write updates only (can’t edit or remove anything and can only write updates

The Workspace has permission setting as well for board viewer/owner and a wide variety of options to define what a person can and can’t do depending on their membership. In the admin area there are many things that can be set as well to control permission across all content.

Thank you kindly for your reply and solution to my problem. I have looked into the Enterprise level and it would mean that our Monday cost/member would increase by 86%, which is cost prohibitive for us. It is a bit disappointing that this feature is not available in the Pro plan. I guess I’m stuck at the moment. It may mean our having to evaluate other platform options. Again, thanks for taking the time to respond.