Possible to hide board members from viewers?

We plan to create a board and share it among different clients. We do not want the clients to see other clients items. The goal is for the client to only see their items(requests).

I noticed all the board members are visible to a viewer. Is there anyway to prevent this? thanks!

Hi @user8537,

At this time, Item viewing permissions are exclusive to our Enterprise plan at this time - which sounds exactly what you’re looking to achieve. You’re welcome to learn more via this article here: Item Viewing Permissions

As an alternative, if you’re on the Pro plan you can look into column permissions and restrict viewing of specific columns to certain users - Column Permissions. I understand this may not be the most ideal option for you, but would love to hear your thoughts :pray:

Hi Bianca,

We have the enterprise plan. When a Viewer is in their board they have visibility to every member of that board. A Viewer of one client has visibility to all the other clients. Is it possible to hide this?

Ah, thank you for clarifying! I am afraid it isn’t currently possible to hide this information from viewers at this time. I hear your concern and will be sure to share your comments with the relevant team :+1: