Excluding 'item' conversations from clients

Hey all.

We’re a production company and have a board that manages our workflow for each of our clients

We need the client to be part of that workflow for external approval and see the calendar view of when their social media posts will go live

What we don’t want them to receive or be able to view are the conversations on the individual ‘item’ rows.

I’ve tried a number of workarounds > creating a separate board and mirroring however in order to see the new board they need access to the original which defeats the purpose

I know we can use the ‘email and activities’ for private chat but this doesn’t show up in the inbox, so when you’re working with 100s of videos that stuff gets lost - so we still need our team seeing updates in their inbox

As far as I can see there is no native monday.com way around this (hoping I’m wrong).

I’m guessing there must be lots of companies who work with clients, what’s your workaround?