Filtering a Dashboard calendar to only view specific boards?

Is there a way for a user on a Monday account to create a filter on a Dashboard Calendar Widget that contains multiple boards to only display items from a few boards? For example, if we have Boards 1-4 on the calendar, allowing someone to temporarily only view Boards 1 and 3.

I can do it in Settings by deactivating specific boards, but that displays that change to all users viewing the calendar, not just myself.

Try making these board private. I think they won’t be able to see on dashboard if connected board type is Private and they are not subscribed to that.

Rehan AQ | Certified monday Expert |

Thanks, Rehan. That works if the goal is to keep specific teams from seeing specific boards. But my need is more along the lines of people who can view all boards being able to only look at a specific subset of items on the “master calendar”. For example if they want to look at all the boards related to a specific project (with multiple teams boards) but not other projects to have a clearer/easier way of seeing what’s going on.

Let me know if we can do zoom. Maybe after seeing your setup I can recommend. My email is