Private Boards visibillity on Main Dashboards

Hi all,

I recently started using Monday and I am trying to setup dashboards for team use. What I would like to accomplish is: I have a private board where I keep projects information, some projects are private and not meant to be shared with the rest of the team, and the rest are shareable.

What I am trying to do is setup a shareable dashboard and include a table that shows a filtered view of my private projects board, showing only the projects I want to share. The questions I have are: will the people I share this dashboard with be able to see the table, given that the source is a private board they do not have access to? If they can see it, will they be able to change the filtering options to show the projects I filtered out?

Lastly, given what I am trying to accomplish, is this the right approach, or ahould I be using a different one?

Thanks for the feedback.

Hi @MrGama :wave:

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When using a Dashboard, users will need to have access to all of the data in order to see that Dashboard. Because boards are added to the Dashboard itself, if they do not have access to one board that it is used they will see a lock icon across each of the widgets.
Even if you were to include filters or not include the board within a specific widget, the widget data will still show as a lock icon.

This is to ensure users cannot see data they have not been given access to.
I would recommend instead creating multiple dashboards to circumvent this issue!

Hi Dani,

Thanks for your reply and for explaining why this limitation exists. I understand the security concerns, but with other tools it is possible to extract information from tables and only share that extract with other team members, or externally. Or, dashboards can be built and shared without providing access to the underlying info those dashboards are showing.

This would be a very useful feature, given that has a big focus on workflows and sharing, but I am assuming it is currently not a feature, so I guess I will try your suggested approach of creating multiple boards and dashboards.


Thanks for getting back to us.

We certainly hear you, and appreciate your feedback on this. Whilst you’re correct, it is not currently a feature, please be assured these are comments we will definitely forward to our team for review.

We hope Dani’s suggestion can help in some way, and thank you in advance for your understanding!