Sharing dashboards without sharing connected boards


Our team has been using Monday for a few months now, and we decided to start sharing some dashboards with our clients. However, it is apparently not possible to share dashboards with guests, if the underlying connected dashboards are not shared with that specific guest as well. We cannot grant access to the underlying boards, because it also contains information about other clients. Therefore, we would like to see the functionality to invite guests to boards, who can solely view the dashboard (not edit), without the need to provide access to the underlying boards as well.

Let us know if you would like to see this feature as well!

This seems like a great idea that my organization could use as well. We have a Board of Directors who are sometimes in flux, and we want them to have an overview of what’s going on, but we don’t always want all of them to be able to see the details.

Guest access to certain dashboards could also be a useful way to expand our communication with donors - we could let them see where their money is going and make them feel more involved, without also giving them access to messy behind-the-scenes work, client contact info, etc.


This is a big deal for us as we’d like to aggregate a dashboard for our clients where they could interact (comment on updates, leave an update on an item, etc) but without needing access to the specific board those items come from.


This is huge. We have the exact same issue. I suppose you can grant access to the underlying boards and then restrict access to column info but that’s a huge pain. Even within our organization I need to share aggregated data on a dashboard without anyone able to see underlying detail (think anonymous employee surveys). I believe I’ve put in a feature request for this, but reiterating this would be something that is extremely useful.


Exactly! You basically run into a dead end if you don’t want them to see your behind the scenes workflows (i.e. specific groups or items).

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I have put in a feature request as well. My experience has been priorities what people want. I’m simply trying to corral everyone who wants to see dashboard or guest view functionalities updated in one place!

With specific use cases. For us, it’s client view/interaction as a service based company (which is funny because you’d think would go hmmm a lot of users want to share with guests + introduce them to the software #Win#Win!!!

For AJ (above) it’s non-profit/dashboard visibility which I think is huge! I would love that if the 501C3s we donated to had an interactive dashboard…


Yes, please! This feature is essential, even within our own company, never mind external guests.