Sharing dashboards without sharing connected boards

I’d suggest this could be allowed by having dashboards embedable with drill down features disabled, so that they can be shared with stakeholders who don’t have a Monday account.

I desperately need this feature. What’s the latest, team? @Julietteb

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Any updates on this? This is really a business crucial feature we’re missing right now.

This feature would also be great if it could be applied to the viewer role as well. We want to share dashboards with internal teams; however, the connected boards have information for other teams as well that we don’t want to be visible. Currently, we are having to set the connected boards’ permissions to only allow viewers to view items they are assigned and assigning the members from each team to all of the items/subitems that we want summarized in the dashboard.

Adding my 2 cents here. My company needs to share live, high-level project info with our clients but it is disadvantageous for them to have access to the overall information. This really only needs to be a view-only document (and it’d be great if they didn’t have to login to Monday to view it.)

Monday team, is there any movement on getting this put on the road map?


Great idea! It’s a huge limitation in our case as well.
Would be great, if accesses to dashboards wouldn’t be dependent on accesses to the connected boards.

My company just purchased the enterprise of monday and this inability is a huge issue. I echo all the votes that Monday needs to REDESIGN the adminstration of Monday so that BOARD owners (NOT ACCOUNT OWNERS) can control security permissions, access (by function) so we can give the best experience to our users. Right now our corporate office owns the account so as a board user we run risk of data issues having everyone edit the data when all they need is VIEW ability.

It is quite frankly ridiculous that dashboards can’t be shared without also sharing the underlying board data. Its a super basic requirement that one should be able to share a sort of presentation view without giving viewers access to see all of the underlying details. seems to have no interest in fixing this seeing as this issue has been going on for years without a single response from a monday rep. Very disappointing. I keep running into disappointments with Monday…

We desperately needs this as well and so many accounts are asking for this. I love the idea of a toggle switch that prevents drilling into the underlaying dashboards.

I want to echo that this would be a game-changer in user experience and sharing project status dashboards with clients. We haven’t done it yet, but I’ve envisioned workarounds of creating a specific board per client to mirror the data to allow outside guests to only see THAT information. The levels of this would include our high level portfolio board with team boards which include our projects as items, then mirroring specific projects to another board to maybe invite a guest to so they can come and see what is on a dashboard (beyond a PDF export or screenshare).
But even internally, if we can allow view access to a dashboard without going through levels of account to board permissions to then realize they can’t see certain information, etc., this would be great!

Wouldn’t this be solved by the advanced permissions on Enterprise plans?

You can set users so that they are only able to see and edit items that are assigned to them on the Board.

Until this urgently needed feature is added, Monday needs to change the text embedded in the automatic emails that go out when inviting a guest or viewer to a board. Currently that email says “If you are not part of 's account, you’ll join as a free, read-only, viewer to the account.”

As this is false, it should be removed from the template.

I will add our desire to have this feature…we have the need to share portions of a board so that the business units can see status of their requests for work, and ONLY their requests. Also since this is status - they should not be able to edit anything, nor should they be able to change the filters or the columns shown. We need a way to present the status information - live and pulling from the source board – but with “view only” permissions.

We need this feature as well. We have suppliers who view items in our boards but we do not want to share the connected boards because it would be too much of a hassle to update the contacts across all boards.

I need this feature aswell.
This is the reason i didnt move to monday for now because i cant find a solution for that.

Hi community, I wanted to let you know that we spoke with our product about creating sharable dashboards without connected boards and the status of this feature is currently under consideration. This means and while we do not have any plans to develop this feature at the moment, we are considering adding it to our roadmaps in the future. When thinking about the upcoming roadmap, our team needs to make difficult decisions about how we prioritize new features, improve old ones, and ensure overall platform quality.

Every quarter we take the feature request with the most votes and discuss them with our Product team.

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