Guest Access to Dashboard ONLY

I’m pretty furious right now that I have to post this as a feature request/ feedback. I shouldn’t have to and was assured that what I needed was doable.

Up until now I have been told that it is possible for Guests to view Dashboards without having access to the Workspace Boards.

This is not the case. Guests can ONLY view the Dashboard data being pulled from Workspace Boards if it is being shared with the Guests in the first place. This gives them access to the Workspace Board.

This defeats the purpose of sharing a dashboard with a guest. If I can only share a dashboard that does not have the data being pulled from the workspace board, then I’m sharing either empty space or non-essential data placed in the Dashboard directly.

I request that this function be made available as it is a straight forward and simple feature. Here is how you would do it.

In the basic language of programming this should be possible:
“IF data from WORKSPACE BOARD is shared to DASHBOARD, THEN modify data to be shared through widgets/ apps.”

If I have data from the calendar widget pulling from a Workspace Board, then that data coming through should be accessible to the guest without access to the Workspace Board itself.

Please, please make this change. Preferably in the next 24 hours if possible. I really don’t want to have to cancel the pro plan and start looking for other PM options. Thank you

I need this urgently too - just as TyeZ has written. I do not want to show the guest the whole database - only the result of it. Are there any news?