Dashboard for the Guest (Clients)

We have questions about Dashboard.
In our case, the Dashboard is for the Guest Client, not a member.

I set up the connection of the Dashboard board and the board from which we need to broadcast information to the client (by hashtags). Now the problem is, when I send an invitation to this Dashboard, then an invitation comes, the guest follows the link - and sees the restriction and the message below:

**** You need boards access to view this dashboard content. You are not subscribed to one or more boards connected to this Board.***
So it turns out GUESTS should be subscribed directly to the Board from which everything works on their Dashboard?
And then GUESTS will be able to see all the information/ITEMS, even which does not concern them?

I’ll try to explain briefly, my boss bought Monday to facilitate the work of the team and to be able to provide online information to our customers (as we were promised by the developers).
I’ve been trying to set up this process for 2 months now.

We have a board Purchaser (planned 1 for each employee), board Sales (1 for each employee), a separate Board Logistics.
The information in the Sales Board has mirror columns from the Logistics Board.
The Client Dashboard takes information from the Sales Board (as we were promised it works).
I set up filtering by hashtag, etc. (what the client needs to see). Thus, the client sees a SET of information that he needs specifically.
BUT, as it turned out, he sees not just a Dashboard, in order to see him, he must be signed as a Guest on the Sales board itself!
And since in the Sales board we have Mirror columns from Logistics, the program indicates that this Guest should also have access to the Logistics Board.

Things would not be so bad if the Guest only saw his own ITEMs, he also sees his competitors’ ITEMS (because the Sales person market is divided by region and one Sales person has several clients).
Yes, I can hide columns by restriction, but after all, rows with ITEMS cannot be hidden from the board from which it is broadcast to the client’s Dashboard, and if he has access there, he will go in and see it.
On the Dashboard with filtering and hashtags, everything looks great.
But what about everything else?

Maybe I don’t understand something? Please if anyone has any ideas please help!
Thank you in advance!

Hello @xeniya :wave: ,

Welcome to the monday community!

I understand your problem, and unfortunately it works the way you have described.

To view a dashboard, whether as a guest or as an account member, you would need access to all connected boards to view the dashboard.

The only feasibly way to overcome this is as you mentioned, for the guest to have access to the boards.

There is a way to limit what each user and guest can see, and that would be this viewing permission .

This feature is found on the Enterprise Plan.

Other than that, feel free to contact monday support to see if they can assist you .

Let me know if I can help in any other way.

Best Regards,
Giannis Implementation Consultant at thespelas.com

Thanks for your prompt reply!
I have already contacted your sales team.

I also forgot to describe one problem to you, I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or not, but I just created Boards for our work and test the program’s capabilities (that is, in fact, I have 3-5 items maximum on each board and there will be more Boards in the future ).
And I noticed such a thing, when creating several mirror columns, when I create the 4-5th mirror column, it is impossible to select the corresponding column from another board. Monday freezes and stops working, I just see a gray screen.

The same gray screen appears around 4 - 4.30 pm, no matter what I do, but the program does not work stably at this time.
We are afraid to think about what will happen when there is much more information.
Are you working on it?
Thank you!

Hello again @xeniya !

Just to clarify, I am not part of the internal monday team, just a user more than happy to help others :slight_smile: .

The problem you are describing should certainly not be happening, and if you are certain the grey screen is not caused by any hardware/software issues on your end, you should also contact monday support to try to resolve this issue.

Best Regards,