Dashboards with Guests?

Any way we can get Dashboards shareable with guests? As an entrepreneur it would be really cool to show guests the progress I’ve made with their accounts or with their photos in a unique way! Similar to the broadcast view where you can show a view only of the boards, it would be awesome if Dashboards could be done in the same way :slight_smile:


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Hi - Yes this would be great.

I work as a Data Protection Officer and ISO27001 consultant to a number of businesses and dashboards would be a great addition to share with these clients.

I currently have a folder for each client with 5 shareable boards within each folder.

Yes, agreed! We would love to share things with project teams or our customer. Currently we have no use for dashboards without this feature which is a shame because we love the Llamas… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey guys, have you gotten a workaround to this? That would awesome to do

Hey guys

This feature is going to be developed. We don’t have an ETA nor do we know how it will function yet but we’ll pass along details once we know :slight_smile: