Dashboards are now open to guests!

Share your reports with your external users and spread the data love :heart:

You can now invite existing guests from your account to see the dashboards you’ve created on your shareable boards!

Guests will be able to see all widgets that refer to shareable boards they’re invited to, so you can be sure that only allowed content will be visible to them.

You can invite guests from the “Invite team member” window by looking their name up and clicking on it.



I have tried this, works fine!
only one question:
how i can avoid the guest for creating their own widgets???

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Hey thanks so much for making this available. Don’t want to be a downer but I have an issue. I added my guest into the dashboard but it seems like they need to be added into the linked boards too in order to see the stats on the dashboard. Is this something that can just simply be public without giving them access to the individual boards?


Hi! This is great news!

Is there any way that a dashboard Board can be shared on an open weblink without any capability to change things. We would like to be able to share our projects list with constituents who are requesting projects (approx. 1000 individuals). Inviting each person and expecting them to create an account would not work for us.



I second this idea! a weblink would be fantastic!


Any update here @Julia-monday.com?


Hi @preeta15 and @JohnMonte7!

At the moment there is no option to share the dashboards with a web link like the broadcast view on the boards.

We are working on slowly allowing more sharing options to the dashboards and have recently added the option to invite viewers to see the dashboards with a link or an email directly from the dashboard!

We hope to add a broadcast option to the dashboards in the future but I cannot provide an ETA.




Hey @Danielle-monday.com… I don’t really want my “guests” to have access to the project board. I just want them to see the “dashboard” I create. Is there anyway to do this?


This is exactly our use case as well! Sharing the info only presented in the dashboard.


Same here. I’d like to send my bosses a dashboard they can see without having to log in to Monday.com and without giving them the ability to change anything


That is an important issue for us as well. We only want to share the data in the dashboard without giving them access to the board. Any news about this?


I have the requests please, I only want to share the dashboard information not the board this comes from. Any idea if/when this feature will be available? Thanks


Do we have any movement here on guest access to a dashboard without access to project board? CRUCIAL.


I would also like to be able to share a dashboard without having to allow the viewer/guest to be linked with every connected board as these have other confidential information on we don’t want to share.



Any movement on this?
For now, we maximize the view feature where you can choose which column and items from the board you want to share outside of your organization with an external weblink.
However, a data-filled dashboard could have been a better option to share externally without having guest log in to Monday.


One of the ways around this challenge for now is to create a board that only includes the data you want to have reflected in the dashboard, and then keep it automatically in sync using the VLookup App in the Marketplace. You can grant the guests permission to the see the underlying board and thus the dashboard content, without any permission issues on the original source board.

VLookup app - monday.com: Apps Marketplace

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@PolishedGeek - this is great idea!

However, the VLOOKUP app has many limitations on the types of columns that it can use I have found it difficult. Many of the boards that we design have formulas and mirrored fields that are not supported. However if you are using standard fields (status, number, text, etc) than this is great option!

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We have been hoping to create a global dashboard that has multiple boards organized in one time line to send out to our executives and partners. The main issue is that we don’t want them to need a login, we just want them to be able to view the time line/calendar. Sharing this dashboard would be incredibly useful. Is there an ETA on this?

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Also looking forward to this.
My use case:
I hire out a function space. I want to be able to send out automated email responses to enquiries where their preferred date is already booked so they can have a look at the calendar (Dashboard) at what the available remaining dates are.
I want to send a web link in that automated email, having them need to sign up to an account or request permission is not an option.

Currently I need to email manually with a template and screen shot the calendar for them each time.

Also looking for an ETA on this Monday.



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Some news about to share a dashboards with a web link like the broadcast view on the boards?