Public share URL for dashboard

Is it possible to create a public share URL for a dashboard? I know how to do this with a board, but cannot figure out how to do it with a dashboard. Use case: my team wants to iframe an email calendar dashboard (items pulled from multiple boards) into a confluence page for full company visibility.


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Check out the help article below, further down the page you might find the answer you seek.

You can invite guest users which won’t take up seats in the account.

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Thank you so much for this! The problem I’m having is that I want people who are not Monday users to be able to view (like they can for boards), so that I can iframe the dashboard into a company-wide Confluence page (and it’s not scalable to invite every person in our org to Monday). I really appreciate your help though, thank you!


Unfortunately, this isn’t a workable solution for our workflow! I have more applications for publicly sharing & embedding a dashboard than I do a board. It would be super helpful if I can easily share metrics & KPIs on Dashboards to other employees, stakeholders, etc.

Hi @Chfraym @erica23 I suggest you take a look at the Analytics & Reports by Screenful. It allows you to create charts and reports from your board data, and place them to monday dashboards, or embed to any website including Confluence.

In order to share a chart in Confluence, you need to create a public share link so that people can view it without having to log in. You can learn more from this guide.

Here’s an article that demonstrates how to embed a Screenful report into Notion.

You can signup for a free trial to give it a try!

I’ve come to the conclusion is not the way to go if you have anything to share to non users. Print and other export options like pdf provide terrible results and with no public url for a dashboard it’s hard to imagine why people like myself that is a freelancer would use this app to provide vaulable data to clients. I gave it my best shot but I’m afraid this app is not ready for pro use.

@eikyo09 , I was wondering if you were ever able to find out how to do this successfully? I have invested a lot of time into monday, and was under the impression that I would be able to provide view access (with the Professional Plan) to boards, and dashboards, to non-monday users.

Many of those who would benefit from the information and tracking that is being put into, don’t want, nor need, an account in monday, but need to be able to quickly pull up the status as needed. While there were some demonstrations of this while I was in a sales demo, I haven’t been able to re-create the “magic” that I saw and it is becoming frustrating.

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@eikyo09 @Bill_In_Ohio You can share the board with non members by clicking on the (…) next to the main table or specific view. There is a “SHARE” option that will create a link.

When you use that link, it will take you to the board with viewing access only.


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Awesome! Thank you for the reply. I am definitely going to use that.

Any chance adding an embed link from a Monday dashboard is a feature request on their radar? We are having the same issue. We want to embed metrics from multiple boards into one confluence page. Using a Dashboard for the reporting is the only option.

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This is terrific - exactly what my team has been looking for (surprised this feaure is so hidden) however, it seems some boards have share enabled and some don’t - can’t figure out which are which! Any one have any ideas?

Only board owners can share a board - if you are an admin, you can make yourself a board owner to any board.

In other words, you need the blue crown next to your name to click “Share”.