URL for dashboard

Is it possible to create a public share URL for the dashboard? I didn’t know how to do this. I have been trying for a long time but I am not able to understand. If anyone knows then please tell me.

Hey Mia! For sharing the Dashboard with people outside your account, there isn’t a shareable link but you can use the share button on the Dashboard to invite people to the account as viewers so they see the Dashboard.

Alternatively, you could build out the Dashboard in a Blank View on a board and use the shareable link feature there! That will provide you with a public URL to share or embed.

I know this is not ideal for what you need but let us know if the board view sharing could be a helpful workaround!

Hey Mia @home12knows :wave:

You can indeed share a board to view publicly! This is a great feature if you’re looking to share a roadmap board on your website, send customers specific information without having to invite log into your account or even have a board displayed on a company TV!

You can do so by pressing the three dots on the board you want to share here.

For more information check out this support article - link.

If you ever need any technical assistance, me and my team are here to help. Feel free to reach out anytime.

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