Public link dashboards in docs

I would like to know why Widgets and dashboards created in DOCS Monday cannot be shared via public link.

Don’t have much sense. Dashboards and widgets created outside of a DOCS can be shared through a public link.

Hey @Molina, I can’t speak to monday’s reasoning, but I do know some of the logic behind this problem.

I don’t think you can actually share dashboard links for public sharing to a non-signed-in-user, this is because without having access to every board the dashboard is linked to, the data would be meaningless. There are dashboards in our own account that not everyone can see because of this. This in mind, what you are able to share is a single single board dashboard view because it works as if you’re sharing a single board.

With that in mind, my assumption as to why most widgets are not visible in public doc links is because there’s no way for monday to know if the data in the widgets is ‘ok’ for public consumption or not, so by default it is gated this way.

I think that as the docs feature matures there will be more functionality to come, but for now, this is probably how things will be.

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Hi @Carson,

Thanks for your answer.

In my opinion I think that if the dashboard or panel where the information comes from is shareable, the widget created in the docs should be visible with a shareable link. And this is not the case today.

Monday should detect it automatically.

The DOCS are mostly presented to management personnel or personnel external to the company, without operational functions and therefore, without a user profile on Monday.

In this way, the use of DOCS on Monday would be optimized.


I totally agree with you if boards are sharable the monday doc should share it . Why it works for dashboards but doesnt work for monday docs?