Dashboards are now open to guests!

Any news about the same issue mentioned in the comments?



Any update on this?

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Hi all,

This is not a full work around. But if people need it just for the calendar like me. I have been using a work around which is perfect for me.

You can link it to a google calendar. Then share the link for the google calendar. If you do the settings right on the google calendar, then it is a public one that can’t be altered and they don’t need any login details.

Here is the link I send out so you can see what it looks like.

Soultrap Booking Calendar

A public dashboard would work for so many more people but hopefully this helps for a small number of you as a work around.



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@Danielle-monday.com Please is there any update on this from the development team?

Allowing a dashboard to be shared via a weblink is essential functionality for using this in big projects with multiple stakeholders.


Hi Danielle,

Same here - I’d like to use the dashboard to report to our clients regarding multiple ad hoc projects we undertake for them, would be useful to have a link so they don’t need to have an account and can freely share this to anyone else in our client’s team.


Is this still open and no updates?
We are evaluating Monday and it is a bit frustrating to see users being ignore and no updates on critical features.



Hello @Danielle-monday.com and @Julia-monday.com

Any updates to add to this thread? Echoing others here that the ability to share specific views/dashboards with customers via a web link is crucial. Forcing guests to create accounts and not being able to restrict their access doesn’t work for our use case, otherwise seems like a great product!


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Just joining in to say we’d love to be able to share our dashboards publicly. We have stakeholders who will never create a Monday account but who need to see our dashboards from time to time.

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Echoing the frustration/sentiments shared above ^.


found this thread, because I am looking for this exact functionality.

We want to display one of the dashboards on a kisok-screen.
To that end we need an URL that just displays a certain dashboard in TV-mode without the need for authentication and without permissions to change anything.

Any idea when this feature will be upcoming?

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Any updates on this - even a “no update, this isn’t currently in our roadmap” would be sufficient.


I would like to share with weblink as well!!! Any updates? Please respond Monday!!!

Bumping this thread. We also need a public view, but the connected board has sensitive information that we don’t want to share.

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This would be the reason that many of us are here - to easily share the information we are gathering, compiling, and monitoring. If we truly only wanted ourselves to be able to see the information, we could probably stick with Excel. The whole point of having a platform like monday is to be able to have people be able to see the information. Some of the people, like those on our teams, we want to edit, update, create and monitor, but some people we only want to be able to view the data.

Most of us have someone that needs to see the data, in the manner that we have worked to develop for them. This was the point of the dashboards. We know what’s in our data, and we can ask our teams to quickly tell us what has changed or where individual pieces are. A dashboards’ purpose is to provide a higher-level, or aggregated view of the data, and that is primarily for people that don’t need or want the details. If they needed or wanted details, we would give them an account, not a dashboard. Dashboards should be just that, a dashboard. They aren’t always for us users, they are for those who want to see how we are doing. We should be able to give them a link to see it live as it gets updated, without forcing them into creating an account just to see, from their perspective, one web-page.

Has there been any movement on this? I can see that the initial enquiry was made back in 2020. Surely Monday.com is working on what should be a “basic” feature for what they call a dashboard?

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Bumping this thread again - we would love to be able to share a dashboard that is pulling certain information from a locked board without granting access to the board. Having a public link for non Monday users would be very helpful, but if that is not doable, then just a way to share only the selected information in the dashboard will be helpful enough. Is there an ETA or update to the roadmap on this?

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Bumping the Monday team. PLEASE at least provide a response on this thread. Is there anything in the pipeline for this? I have a beautiful client facing dashboard I’ve built just to learn that there’s no easy way to share a dashboard like I can share a board with a public link. It’s bonkers to me.

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Hey Everyone! I just checked on this with our team and our team is aware of this request. Sharing and reporting are something that we’re planning to tackle in the next few months. At the moment, I don’t have the exact details but will update as soon as I can on this matter. I would also suggest posting in “submit a request” category and getting other users to vote so that we can show the important!

Vote here for this feature request

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That is great news. Please keep this thread updated.
(right now the changed topic “Dashboards are now open to guests” still promises too much too early)