How to fix the viewers/Guests for a particular board?


I am new to I want to assign particular team members to particular boards and don’t want all members to see everything. How can I achieve that?
for e.g I want store manager to see only the inventory board not other projects and finance etc

Hi @Nabeel09 ,

To achieve this you will want to create private boards that are only shared with the individuals or teams that you want for each board instead of main boards which default to everyone on your account being able to see them. Here’s more information on the board types including how to create a private board or change an existing board to private. It is important to note that private boards are only available on pro or enterprise plans.

If you are not already using the team functionality, you can create teams and add those teams to private boards as needed. Here’s a link to more information on creating teams if you are not already familiar.

Let me know if you have any questions.