Shareable boards

So I’m new to Monday and I’m encountering some issues with setting it up, I’m not sure if I understand how this whole tool works , it would be great to get some pointers.

  1. I made myself an account and I would like to seperate some of my work for college and some for my private stuff , does that mean I need to share to everyone who is my classmate my whole profile with all my boards, or can I just make a new board and invite certain people to that board and only they can see it ? At the moment I’m stuck with everyone seeing my whole account and then I’m able to add shareable boards or keep some private ( but are they private only for me or anyone who has a link to my account can see them too ?)
    1a) How do I get to share a certain board with people who are not on Monday yet? I was looking everywhere for a link to be able to send it to them but I can only send them my whole profile

it’s more a confusion than a question- apparently I had to make a new account to use community part of mondays, which is super confusing ! (why??)

Thank you

Hi @Parkermjulie, Julie,

I use main boards (visible to every team member in the account (not guest users)), shareable boards (only visible for members / guests that are invited) and private boards (personal use). It is the board type that determines who can see / use what.