Can an administrator see by default all shareables boards? How can it be avoided if yes?

Since we work with different companies and have several accounts of Monday with them individually, we are also administrators in their accounts to help them.
In one of the Monday accounts, for example, we are two administrators (the enterprise CEO and us) and several members, and we need to create boards that are only visible by an administrator and by the guests he determines, but not by the other administrator. How can it be done? If we create a shareable board, does the other administrator have access by default?

If yes, What’s then the diference between shareable board with no guest and a private board. If I create a shereable board with no guest at all, can anybody see it?

as the name says sharable boards are visible to only those who you share it with. if you don’t share even the admin can’t see them .only the board owner can see


I think you are asking if you can have a board which is created by one admin but private from the other admin in your account?

Shareable boards are for sharing with external collaborators i.e. guests, so not the people in the account (although they can of course also be a part of them)

If you want to create a board for use just by people inside the account but you want to restrict access to only those selected by the board owner, you should use a private board.

In this case this is what the admin should use. There is a possibility of the admin using one of our admin features which allows an admin to take control of boards they are not the owner of including shareable and private. It’s unlikely he would be aware of this feature but it is something he could do.

Does that help?

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I just want to do this:

I’m admin. There is another admin too.
I want to create a board that the other admin can’t see, but I need share this board with a external worker.
How I proceed?


If you create a shareable board and just add the external worker as a guest to the board and anyone in your account who you want to see the board as subscribers, by default the other admin won’t see it.

He would need to use one of the admin features to take ownership of this board in order to see it. I mention this because it’s possible he could see it but he would need to take these additional steps through the admin section.

Does that help?