Administrators can have access to private boards

As an administrator of the system, we need the ability to see the data that is included on all boards

I am a new account. I can’t believe no one has responded to this post.

YES! Admins should be “Admins”, and have full access to the entire platform. We should be able to “see” all boards from our purview.

I understand that we can see them from the Content Directory, but we must know what the board is before we can access it. We can’t even “sort” from there. We have to look at every single private board to find one that we are “not” in.

Not very efficient way to manage.

Additionally, administrators not having access to private boards in some situations may be a legal compliance issue.

Still nothing on this?
Account Admins should never be locked out of ANYTHING.
We have audits and such to do on workspaces.

come on Monday.