Allow admins to administer ALL boards

Hi Monday,

I strongly suggest to give admin users the ability to see and do everything with every board (except private boards of course).

At this moment, an administrator cannot do his work, since he is not aware of the existence of shareable boards, unless someone subscribed him to them.

Once subscribed, he may be an admin, but still cannot change board subscribers and change everything he deems necessary, unless he is assigned ‘board owner’ by the registered board owners (who may be users that have left).

With the current permissions, he needs to be subscribed to EVERY board to be able to administer it, meaning he receives tons of updates and notifications about things he’s absolutely not interested in. Updates and notifications where he is interested in, easily get lost in the bulk of ‘trash’.

And all of that, only because an admin doesn’t have true admin rights at the moment :slight_smile:


I agree 100% - We’ve had a fair bit of confusion about tasks not getting done because the right people can’t see boards.

Same here.

I’m surprised that admins cannot see shared boards created by others. As mentioned above, this causes problems when those people move on and tasks remain incomplete.

Yes I agree re admins having admin rights to ALL boards. I asked another staff member to set up a board for me as I didn’t have time myself and now any adjustments to the board or additional users etc have to go through her log in instead.

Thank you for the support to this request, @AlliS.
In your particular case, your staff member can simply make you board owner (see board subscribers) on which you get the same rights as her on that particular board :+1:

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Any update on this? We have multiple Admins and hundreds of boards so going through each to make this change would be very in-efficient.


This is actually a GDPR concern for us. We need to administer our data, and we don’t want to make the users who didn’t share boards with us (as admins) feel awkward when we “take ownership”, so we have lots of unknown monday boards flying around with people not well versed in how to handle certain compliance concerns, hiding them from us.

What’s up with this one Monday?