How do we get Feature Requests onto the Monday Roadmap and implemented?

This is not a complaint but a genuine question.

While we’re immersed in the current hype of Monday 2.0 and Work OS, when will existing Feature Requests be addressed so that the basics on can be improved and our existing daily workflows be enhanced?

I have posted dozens of feature requests in the past 12 months in these forums. I don’t think one has been implemented or appeared on the Roadmap yet.

I acknowledge that I’m not an orphan. I’m sure that applies to many other feature requests posted by many others here.

If you need examples:

None of these are ground-breakers. Just enhancements to make our daily workflows more efficient because we do them every minute of every day.

Any chance of some progress on these JDI (Just Do It) features? What we in Australia call one-per-centers (1%-ers).

As a final note, I am of course not expecting that every feature request will be implemented. We never get all our wishes granted with any software unless we code it ourselves. However, it would be good to know which features requests will Not Proceed (so we can stop posting “+1’” and “me too” on them) and which are being considered.

Im agree with you, i have posted many feature request, some of them have been answered (not implemented) and some others are without answer. In this cases i suggest you to contact directly with in order to get an answer.-

I think its better to do it here in monday community, but without a daily administration of the site, this will get users tired like your case (i think all monday guys will have another task to do rather than only answering our asks and request via communities).

Also i think monday himself its more powerful than this site, i can imagine a board with all account admins invited and uploading all feature request and see his status, get the interaction improved via voting, etc.

I am totally satisfied with and all its people, they make our work super easy every day, the only thing I would ask from its founders is to pay better attention to the requested improvements that are really critical in a common user (my example is the poor functioning of the timetracking column, obviously there are more). There has to be an alarm sound on when most users are asking similar things that really are headpain to us.

i have suggested that too :slight_smile:

@JohnW total valid point. you mentioned just but a few but I’ve seen many others that don’t seem extremely difficult to implement and we’ve yet to see them implemented.

I’m sure they’re busy. We all are. But these communities exist to promote dialogue between users and

I’m not expecting rapid responses from Monday staff to individual feature requests here. What they do here, they do very well. Congrats to Monday staff for all your efforts in dealing with us users.

But reviewing Feature Requests here over the past 12 months, very few if any have made it to the Roadmap or into the software itself. It would be good to know if any are even being considered, especially those with lots of votes.

I’m a regular contributor to other software forums including Adobe. Feature requests (FRs) are handled the same on those forums but I do see some FRs gradually appear in betas and final releases over time.

I just cannot recall any user requests posted in these forums appearing in since we joined early last year.


The founders have great vision. Can’t wait to see its evolution this year.

But the basic features are lacking in some key areas which we use daily, as is evident from these forums. I’d love to see some dev time given to these improving details.

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