Checking on 2 requested features: calendar start/stop times and sub-subitems

Brand new user here, and I have almost tweaked a lot of things to where I might be able to import data from my existing management software to boards on Monday. But I have seen two feature requests or discussions that would dramatically improve that product, so I need to see if these have ever come to fruition: ON Calendars (whether in View or a Widget), I would really like to have some items have start and stop times. We have appointments of widely varying length, so having a default setting for all doesn’t really cut it. The other one is allowing sub-sub items. I need to bring a LOT of data over. If I export the data from the other app to a csv file, say a list of Matters or Projects we are working on, if we import them to a Board, they become Items. I would like to have Subitems for “Tasks” and for “Events”; and then I would like sub-subitems in those categories for each specific task or event. It looks like maybe Monday was trying something out for that, and I have seen some effort by third parties to do this.

Hi @Kurt , We’ve developed a new calendar app that enables you to transform items into dynamic calendar events, including start and end times. check it out: apps marketplace