Subtask dates on Google calendar

Hi everybody,
I have created and running integration with Google Calendar: when a set a date on task/activities lists I find it on my Google calendar.

How can I obtain the same with subtasks? Adding calendars fields in subtasks?

Thank you in advance.



Likewise, can we push subitems with dates out to O365 Calendars?

Agreed! The Google Calendar integration should work with subitems. It seems like most of the integrations only work for main items, which really limits what Monday can do and forces you into structuring boards in illogical ways to get around these hurdles. Frustrating!


Continuing this thread! We use subitems to list tasks and assign to individuals. Would be awesome if we can push subitems to their google calendars.


I would like to see this as well, but in the meantime how about putting this on the Calendar Sync page so I don’t waste half an hour looking for an answer to why I can’t get it to work. Or get rid of the button.


This is a must have feature. It’s great that Monday are expanding their integrations with other software but I believe this is a basic feature which should be given high priority for developers to add.


You can add subtasks to your google calendar if you do the ‘sync’ step for the subtask column you want - BUT it adds it to a separate google calendar and I want it to be the same calendar!

@merissa_vespene is correct. It would be nice if the subitems automatically synced with the parent columns calendar rather than creating a new one.

Has there been any updates addressing this issue? This gap in functionality cripples our use of a key integration.

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Bumping this up…need this function

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+1 - this is a very much needed feature. if i think it would be useful for my solopreneur business i can’t imagine how frustrating its absence would be for monday customers who work with teams large or small

This would be really helpful for us and save a ton of time having to manually do everything for sub tasks. It’s a bit of a pain point for us right now and can even be a blocker to getting the schedule organized.

Hi all, with zzBots you can install a 1-Way Sync for Subitems to Google Calendar that will keep your events up to date and in sync.

This bot includes an If / Condition step that will only allow subitems with a date specified to be synced to Google Calendar.

1-Way Sync: