Jira Integration: Map Jira subtasks to Monday subitems

Testing out the integration between Jira and Monday - no support for Jira subtasks. Have to manually add subtasks as subitems on Monday. Would like the same automation available for subtasks to subitems.

Running into the same problem here :disappointed: Not being able to sync subtasks from Jira to Monday (even as just regular top-level items) makes this integration nearly meaningless for keeping consistency between Jira & Monday. Why was this overlooked in the creation of this integration?


Hi guys, there is a way to sync both Monday items and sub items with Jira issues and child issues. Check out this YouTube demo of it:

Let me know if you guys have any questions.

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Thanks for this. Nice to see there is a solution, although ideally the native integration would support subitems. Any chance it is within scope to show how the make integration works?

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Yes, agreed. It is needed in the native integration offering.

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I totally agree, why is monday.com not putting this as a priority.

This is bad. We have these project in Jira which we like to sync to monday which has several important subtasks. we do not have use for linking individual tickets to monday, mostly these project tickets with Subtasks…