Subitems and Buttons?


I’m having huge issues with the lack of support for subitems. We desperately need the time tracking dashboard widget to allow us to track time in the subitems but seeing as that isn’t supported I’ve started building a work around where I added a button, which then creates a new item in a board called timesheet. It sets the start time as now.
When we click another button called stop, it uses webhooks with Make and inserts the current time to a stop column - so we can see how much time has been spent on a daily basis.

I’ve now started bringing that to the subitems and it now says that buttons are not supported on subitems.

Is there a work around to this?
Why are subitems even offered when there are so many issues with them?

Does anyone have any ideas or do we just need to look at taking the time tracking system outside of monday?

Will using a Start and Stop status label be an option?

Hi @johnners,

Thanks for reaching out.

We really appreciate your feedback regarding the limitations you’re running into with our subitems, particularly when attempting to time track in your board. We hear you on his, and certainly will bring your comments up with our team. We are aware that our subitems are limited in certain areas, and want to assure you that our team are working to continue improving and developing this feature in the future.

As for time tracking, had you explored our apps marketplace for third party options? We have a number of time-tracking apps that our users have found beneficial in navigating the subitem limitations. We’d recommend exploring the options there just to gauge what might work best for you, and your current set up. Let us know your thoughts, and we can go from there :slight_smile: