Time Tracking in sub items

The time tracking feature in sub items is not fully baked, what makes it VERY frustrating!

First, there’s no way to create smart dashboard widgets based on it! So I don’t have any fast indicator for the time investment of each one of our team members (and that is because we are tracking time within the sub items).

Second, within the board itself, there’s no way to (1) Sum-up the sub items time tracking within each group AND (2) there’s no total summation of the sub item’s time track.

And here is my thought: WHY???

This is a great feature request and is also common amongst my client base.

We have recommended using a product such as Tracket which will allow you to track time against sub items and much more - monday.com: Apps Marketplace

Hi Elijah and thanks,

Tracket is an expensive app and I don’t understand why should I pay more just so that I could some up data from the sub items. It’s junk unacceptable.

Hope you’ll do something with it,
Tnx again,

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You could try use a formula to populate a number column on the subitem and then summarise that column to the parent item.

See here the Time group: Formula Use Cases

Tnx but i won’t help

I just don’t understand why don’t you present the time tracking summation on sub items and why don’t you allow to have a dashboard widgets, based on it (so, for example, i could have a report of the time track per team member)

It is SO frustrating.

Tnx anyway,

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