Sub Item Time Tracking Widget


I’m building out a dashboard that includes a Time Tracking Widget.
I hope to be able to see a collective overview of all the time tracked in a given period.

Our studio relies on sub tasks in order to deliver projects which time is recorded against. I group that info into a Mirrored Data column in the parent task to give a task specific overview.

The problem is that I really need a widget that totals the time recorded by users in both Parent and Sub Item.

Am I missing something?

Had a similar use case. Think I hacked something that works for me.

Does this solution work for you? Curious.

Seems like the link doesnt work. Could you share the solution?

I too would love to be able to report on sub item time tracking. Frustrating that we have to record all time on the parent item. I know subitem time floats up but we have a lot of parent items so need to run a company wide report.

The time tracking function really is becoming an issue for us. It’s just not good enough really.
Sub tasks feed into parent tasks
Multiple users need to track time against sub or parent tasks
Each time entry needs a note function.
We need to be able to see how much time was used on a particular subtask/task/project per client


This is a really important feature. As described it is urgently necessary to get times of sub task into dashboards which shows total times by users.

I agree. We need to be able to have the ability to have standard reporting and dashboard functionality. How are we able to leverage this position with monday?