Sub Item Time Tracking Widget

Hi Amanada,

Is your desire to add the sum of the subitems to the main item? If that’s the case your formula is just the sum of the two columns. SUM({Planned Effort},{Subitems Planned Effort})

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I tried this formula and the sum is not in a time format… Is there a way I can format the result to be hh:mm?

Note: The subitems total column does exist, it is just not visible in this screenshot*

I also found a note in the functions section, but the suggested formula did not work either. This one gave me an error that says “Illegal Formula”. I copied and pasted it directly from the Monday List of Available Functions, only changing the column titles.

Here is the function:

(ROUNDDOWN(({Time Tracking} + {Subitems Time Tracking})& "h " & ": " & (ROUND(MOD(({Time Tracking}+{Subitems Time Tracking}), 3600)/60, 0)) & “m”))

Hi Amanda,

I haven’t tried formatting time that way. If I get a chance to poke around at it and find something I’ll let you know.

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Hi Amanda,

I was looking at the Monday community and it seems there are some folks that are really good at formulas and formatting. You might find some answers with them…


Perfect! Thank you!
This is very similar to what I am trying to accomplish and looks like it should work, I will have to try it!

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We use the formula column in the same way and add in a condition for when the task has subtasks so that the task time =0 and just calculates the subtasks

@monday-team This is an essential and seems like an easy fix! Please look into this as we are considering moving away

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When you insert the Widge of time tracking in the dashboards it would be nice to be able to monitor the columns of time tracking even of the sub-elements, now you can only do with tasks.

This would allow you to see the time divided for each user on a tab where you use both.
At this time we cannot export these times in the correct way.

I agree with everyone here. This is essential functionality. Please address ASAP. It’s counterproductive that one can implement the Time Tracking Widget and then have it present inaccurate data on a multiproject dashboard because subtasks are excluded. I do understand there are feature requests that you have to triage at, however this is not a “nice to have”; this is an essential, basic requirement. Please fix ASAP!


With all due respect, Bianca, it shouldn’t be up to’s customer base to do its marketing and product research. I can’t properly bill a client right now because this functionality is missing, am therefore out over $2,000 CAD at the moment, and the best advice is to go around announcing a major flaw in functionality? I spent a month looking for an excellent PM solution, thought I’d found it, and am now wasting very valuable time trying to figure out a workaround. I’m a microbusiness, and because I paid for a year upfront, I don’t have the time or resources to move somewhere else right now.
I’m sorry for sounding so harsh, but please understand how rude “we encourage you to share this feature request around to increase visibility and votes” sounds to many. will not know how many customers it may be losing because potential customers are seeing this thread, seeing that it’s been an ongoing problem for almost two years, and moving on.
Thank you for your time.


This topic started at november 2021 and it’s still an issue. How is that possible for such an essential feature to track time properly? I really hope this will be added in the near future. Any updates on this?

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A fully functional PM tool MUST have the ability to track all required data for tasks and subtasks, including time. It is unreasonable to have a subpar “workaround” that involves creating a subtask summary column and then creating a third column with a formula to sum the parent and subtask data, not to mention you have to do this for every data element you need (planned effort, actual effort, etc.) and it does not properly filter. In addition to impacting system usability, it is incredibly inefficient and easily leads to errors in status reporting and invoicing. With the amount of resources monday uses to market their product, I would much rather see that investment be made in developing a tool that makes my job easier instead of creating endless frustration.

I agree with Lori, wholeheartedly. This is a key feature requirement, and a very basic one at that. There are so many comments requesting it. Please just bring it in. Don’t make us vote for this. I’ve got no time to wait for you to sort this out and am now investigating moving to a different tracking app.

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Analytics & Reports by Screenful allows reporting time tracking data both on top level items and subitems. You can learn more from this guide: Creating charts based on time tracking data - Screenful Guide for

You can also create reports based on this data and schedule them to be sent daily/weekly/monthly to selected recipients.

This solved it for me, thanks so much for sharing!

For anybody who wants to adapt this for time tracking specifically, I set “show summary on Parent Item” for my subitem Time Tracking columns and added a parent item column with this formula:

IF({Subitems Time Tracking}>0,{Subitems Time Tracking},{Time Tracking}). I then created a new Formula column to convert from seconds to hours, since there seemed to be no way to display the original formula column as hours.

What a relief! I echo everyone else in this thread who feels like it’s a bad sign that doesn’t perceive this as an essential function worthy of direct and immediate support.

This was raised in 2021 - are we any further forward with this one?