Support subitems in time tracking widget

The calculation currently only sums columns from the main tasks. Since timetracking column is also available on subtasks, it should ideally sum these as well.

Having the same problem and havent find a anwer yet. I really need the subtask functionallity and the dashboard not showing the time in this type of task is killing me.

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Having the same problem here. Any ideas how to solve this or any update planned :slight_smile:

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Hi all, I’ve put together a workaround in my board for this problem and it seems to have done the trick. Here it is:

  1. In the subitems, open the time tracking column settings and select “Show Summary on Parent Item”. I renamed the column ‘Subitem Time Tracking’.

  2. For the time tracking column on the parent menu, I renamed it ‘Parent Item Time Tracking’.

  3. Now add a Formula column. I renamed it ‘Time Totals’. Enter this formula to add the two columns together and equate to total hours:

SUM({Subitem Time Tracking},{Parent Item Time Tracking})/60/60

  1. Now SUM will appear in the bottom right hand corner of the item. Click on SUM and you can add your own UNIT title - I added Hours. So now at the bottom of the task I can see the total hours, including subitem hours!


Yes I really need a solution to this too! Want to track my team’s time across all boards, including sub items… This is a really essential feature which I think Monday need to introduce soon.


It’s just a workaround for boards not for dashboards and the time tracking widget. :frowning_face:

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No one has a solution yet ?
We have some freelancers and they need this feature

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Yes, I really need that too…

How can I track my team’s work otherwise?

Please give us an idea about if and when it will be implemented


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Having the same issue and would like to know if there is an solution for this on the Time Tracking Dashboard Widget? I would really like to see my sub-items rolled into this widget as well.

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I know subitems is new…but yeah…it shouldn’t matter when rolling up time by person, board, etc…where the time is entered…pulse or subitem.



Really want this feature where I can have multiple different people under the same task and track the time in the sub time based on multiple individuals. Where it will rollup to the time tracking dashboard. Makes it hard to have a clean board when you have to have 5 tasks for meetings and cannot put them in sub items.


Come on Monday - sort this issue out. Its 101 level stuff that’s being asked for here.


Another vote on this one from me.

I can’t get a Dashboard to report on subitems hours being logged. So it’s useless having time tracking in the subitems and I can’t report on it across my team


Another vote here! or a workaround - there is little utility in tracking the project as a whole rather than each sub item

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Would love to see this feature added soon!

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I’ve been reliably informed (from a support ticket) that this feature is coming real soon.

For me it’s the one missing piece of time tracking across my team. I’ll be extremely happy when it’s released.



Any update here? This really is basic stuff. Why bother letting us time track at sub-task level if we can’t target Subtask time tracked (or the rollup column from pulse-level?)

How can any company track actual vs. allocated time using and subtasks?

This is a significant product gap. Cmon guys! Such a good product. Fix this and rule the roost - because Asana, ClickUp, etc are hot on your tails.

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Bumping my bump. Solved this with the same hack as bmontoyataylor above.

My specific use case: “Pull rollup Subtask Time Tracked into a MDC dashboard” since my company is running Pulse > Sub pulse structure.

As we know, we can’t use the Time Tracking dashboard widget and hook into subtask time tracked (which made the whole concept of subtask time tracking a moot point since there was no way to accurately report on it).

Two screenshots attached showing the Board > Dashboard widget relationship.

Using the Formula column at board level to pull in the Subtask Time Tracked rollup. This gives a weird number which is a conversion of the Time Track rollup - but in seconds.

Simply modify the formula to divide by 60 and voila.

This is quickly becoming a dealbreaker for continuing to use this service…

What is the purpose of tracking time if you can’t track subtasks? Subtasks that you already have timers and tracking built into?

This is BASIC reporting functionality that people are requesting. Please consider fixing this.


I would like to add another vote for this functionality

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