Support subitems in time tracking widget

Not having this feature is most likely the most frustrating thing about Monday. My two most desired features is being able to do time tracking on the sub items and report on it accurately.

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This is also becoming a deal breaker for us too. Since you cannot have employees track time on the same task simultaneously, and you ALSO don’t have a notes feature, we need a way for them to track on the same project at the same time and add a note so we know what they are working on. So we use Subtasks. Why have the feature to add a Subtask time tracking if we don’t have reporting on it?
Yes, we can see how much time was tracked with the rollup feature, but it doesn’t show the time employees clock over a period of time and doesn’t account for the project and time frame in a reporting dashboard (which is what we use for client billing). PLEASE fix this ASAP!


Bump. This makes adding time tracking to subitems essentially redundant. The tracked hours feature should be available from timetracked subitems.

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Agree with all of the above…subtask time tracking without rolling up to the parent task is a headache. Also while at it, allow an option to forecast time in the future (for companies who have to submit timecards on Friday morning for a payroll period that ends on Saturday. This is common for consulting companies for timely client billing.)


This is a feature that is a must right now as there is no easy way to work around the lack of this feature

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just commenting so hopefully i am notified when this comes out. I am also very interested in this. I assume if people keep asking. eventually we will get it.

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New Monday user here. There are few issues with sub items:

  • Can’t hide columns from views that we want to share with clients so we have to be careful on what we log in the columns or rely on logging only in the parent item
  • Time tracking widget does not calculate logged time in subitems

Big general time logging issue:

  • For example, if we have a team meeting - not everyone can log time for the same time for example 10:00am - 11:00am. If there’s 5 of us we have log different timeframes or have ridiculous amounts of sub tasks but it does not calculate the total time logged unless you use the roll up column on the parent items and use a hack as seen in this thread.

While we wait for Monday to fix these major issues, does anyone use decent apps that doesn’t cost a fortune?


I have used this and really love it, was starting to use time tracking in Monday and found this same issue. TrackingTime MS Teams app on a Team. I created a Time Tracking Team and under General added the app. Works amazing. But I really wish Monday would add the rollup so it’s all in one place.

I can’t believe this is a features that needs to be requested and voted on and that hasn’t been implemented since it’s been requested years ago. It makes tracking time in sub-items entirely useless.


I was doing this, but it won’t separate the parent item time tracking by the person that actually time tracked it. It is not an efficient way to understand my teams workload, if I can’t see each individuals time tracking.

Any updates on this feature? I don’t understand how there is a sub-item time tracking function if it is not going to work with the Time tracking widget.

Im joining the question, any updates?

When we add time tracking information in a sub-item, in a time tracking column, the time spent does not get added to the total time spent on the parent task and therefore does not get added to the total time spent on the item.

The time spent/tracked gets lost from the overall calculation and presentation.

We have had to remove the time tracking column from sub-items so our people don’t use them as that information is lost for the project.

Time-tracking information for sub-items should be added to, and included in, the overall time spent for the parent task and the parent project.


This is exactly what we are wanting to do! This would be huge for us. Please add this capability Monday!


Hi all, I’ve put together a workaround in my board for this problem and it seems to have done the trick. Here it is:

  1. In the subitems, open the time tracking column settings and select “Show Summary on Parent Item”. I renamed the column ‘Subitem Time Tracking’.
  2. For the time tracking column on the parent menu, I renamed it ‘Parent Item Time Tracking’.
  3. Now add a Formula column. I renamed it ‘Time Totals’. Enter this formula to add the two columns together and equate to total hours:

SUM({Subitem Time Tracking},{Parent Item Time Tracking})/60/60

  1. Now SUM will appear in the bottom right hand corner of the item. Click on SUM and you can add your own UNIT title - I added Hours. So now at the bottom of the task I can see the total hours, including subitem hours!

I’m so grateful for this community! Two times already I’ve found solutions to my problems! Thank you! This was jsut what I’ve been trying to figure out for the last few hours. SO simple! smh lol


@DerekErb I totally agree with this! This is also the major issue for us. Initially I thought I could try a similar workaround as @bmontoyataylor suggested, but the problem is that we have several dashboard reports that we need for invoicing, and they don’t recognize the new formula column as a time. SO frustrating. I really wish that, when you added a subitem time tracking column, there was a popup that asked you if you wanted the time to roll up into the parent column, or it was something you could toggle on and off at the board or account level.


This would be an awesome feature. We have soooo many tasks during a project and we have to group them manually like 1.1, 1.1.1, 1.1.2, 1.2, 1.2.1 and so on. Our boss needs the time tracked seperately for billing, but this is very confusing for the team members because it generates hundreds of tasks. If sub-tasks were trackable and all would summarized to the main task, everything would be so much easier.

We have the same issues. One task may span over 2-3 people and multiple teams, this feature would help with our scheduled vs. logged hours for billing. Please add this feature in Monday.

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Same Issue here. I would love a fix.