Sum of total sub-item tracked time

It would be very beneficial to have the sub-items time tracking summarized at the bottom of the item group, similar to how time tracking automatically sums its total for a item / group

Hi @Rayne!

There is an option to show a summary on the item by clicking the following in the time tracking column on the subitem level:

This would get your a. total time tracking of all of your subitems at a quick glance!

Hope this helps!

Hi @jailynnlucidday - I show the summary on the parent item for sure, what I was looking for is to show the entire time tracking summary at the bottom of a group of items, such as what happens when you have time tracking on the parent items rather than subitems. I have the box shown here for what I am referring to. We track time by subitem to encompass entire project task timing and it would be lovely to see at a glance the time in its entirety. I have only added the parent time tracking to show reference to what I was meaning.

I have a similar question, but it’s about sub-items summary.
I have a number type column in sub-items, the parent item shows a total of that column perfectly fine. But when I exported the board to Excel, that particular cell shows individual numbers from each sub-item instead of a total sum.