Display time tracking from subitem in a regular item column

Hi, everyone
I want to do time tracking in sub-items and reflect it in the column of the item
I need to take some time tracking of a sub that will connect them and show me total in the column of the item
Not in subitems
Is there such an option?

Hi @Daniel_Flesh

Welcome to the community! Yes, you can. There are two options here:

  1. without an app. In your subitem time tracker column select setting and then “Show summary in Parent Item”. This will create a new column on your parent item displaying the sum. There are some drawbacks: the newly created column can’t be used for anything else then showing the summary and can’t be used in automations. It is a special kind of mirror column.

  2. Use the app Rollup Subitems (more info) and build an integration that shows the sum of tracked time from all your subitems into a number column. This is a normal numbers column that can be used in other automations, formulas etc.

The picture shows both option. The blue circled column is from option 1, the red circled column is from option 2.