Subitem Number count-up to Task

Hi All.

Is there a functionality to have the sum of a numbers column in sub-items be totalled in a numbers column in the top line task?

I have a board tracking high level project timings for our technology team, with all the usual information, including a numbers column to state the number of manhours that project will take. This is for resourcing planning using a Workload widget.

Some of these projects need to be broken down into smaller tasks via sub-items, again, with each having its manhour resource defined.

I’d like to have an automated rule or formula to sum up that numbers column in the sub-items and total it in the top line task. There’s no automation that I can currently find to achieve this, so I’m wondering if theres a work around or formula to make this possible?

hi @Sam-APC

Welcome to the community. Out-of-the-box you can click the column header in your subitem and select Settings → Show Summary on Parent Item. Like:

This creates a new column in the parent item the shows the sum of the subitems.

However, there are two challenges here:

  1. the new column in the parent item is a special kind of mirror column and you can’t do much with that
  2. if there are parent items without subitems you can’t use the same (new) column to enter the number directly.

Alternatively, you can use this app: which also shows the summary of all subitems but in an existing number column in your parent item. Therefore this app won’t have the challenges listed above. See also and this video (start at 16:20) RMB and RSI video.mp4 on Vimeo